Moscow weather is so unpredictable especially as it was on this day. It went from cloudy, to partially cloudy, to sunny with no clouds in the sky and back to cloudy in the course of an hour in and half, all with a biting wind in the air. Not ideal circumstances for a photo session, but with this family's flexibility, we managed to capture some great and unexpected moments. Their oldest daughter's personality came out when we discovered a snow pile in the back of St. Basil's. She and her brother threw themselves into climbing up the mound of snow and playing in it. They were in their element. Their youngest daughter didn't miss smiling in every photo and her smile and humor were so contagious. And of course, the parents were ideal subjects :) After the shoot, they invited me to have some tea and some "to die for" fruitcake, that Dawn, the mother, made. A memorable day it was!