Deborah Hoehner is a freelance portrait and documentary photographer in Moscow, Russia and in Boston, MA (when visiting).

I have been taking photos all my life but on a typical amateur film and point-and-shoot camera. In the spring 2009 I finally got this urge to ‘try’ photography. My sister, Susan, and sister-in-law, Caren, had through the years taken photos of their children and captured many now cherished moments. My father, too, many years earlier, had been interested in photography. It surprises me that I didn’t pick up photography earlier on as I have always been a person who is best inspired visually.

On my 40th birthday, I decided to treat myself to my first Nikon SLR camera! How touched I was to find out that my sister had gathered enough money from my friends and family to cover the cost of my camera and lens! From that time on I have lived in Moscow, Russia and have been developing in photography. There have been wide variety of opportunities to grow, whether taking photos of families, friends, babies, artists, ballerinas, musicians, events, sports events, press conferences, rehearsals at theaters or shows, concerts, in a studio, and the list goes on. It has given me so much joy to be able to give these photos to people.

About two years ago, Caren and I started a photo blog, in order to push each other to do better. Little did we know that eventually we would both begin photography businesses.

Looking through all the photos of my family, our descendants, and my life, the past few years, just reinforced my desire to give other people memories that they could keep forever. Moments can’t be repeated in the exact same way.