Patriarch's Ponds, known as one of the main settings in the Mikhail Bugalkov's novel, "The Master and Margarita",  is one of the most picturesque places in Moscow. It is in central Moscow and was built around what was called the 'Goat Marsh". The area has been gentrified over the years and it is a lovely place to take a stroll through the streets and around the pond. In the winter the pond is turned into an ice skating rink and a Christmas tree decorates the center. It was here where I took photos of Kristin. She herself is half Russian and half American, is well-traveled and has lived in a few countries before she graduated from the Anglo-American school in Moscow. She is currently doing her studies in California and thriving. It was a pleasure to photos of her in her neighborhood. As you can tell she is a natural in front of the camera.

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Kristin Lench 1.jpg